Triple Triad Extreme

Launch Game


Find where you rank in a plethora of leaderboards ranging from your Triple Triad game ranking to your character progress.


Relive your favorite and not-so-favorite Triple Triad Extreme moments by replaying historical games.


Learn about the thousands of unique Triple Triad cards, how to obtain them, their rarity, and information about the unique Triple Triad decks only found at Triple Triad Extreme.

Auction House

The new triple triad extreme store for players is here along with the auctions that were removed prior to version 3. Search all the cards available or even auction off your own without any limits.

Card Packs

The card packs have been revamped for version 3.5. Get more cards for less gold and perhaps find an epic level 10 card for your trouble!

Card Vault

Stash your triple triad card warez in your very own card vault. If you need more space, you can add more without any limits.